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Tooth Extraction

You may need a tooth extraction for several reasons, and Walnut Creek Dentist Dr. Julia Lee will thoroughly explain all scenarios and tooth extraction options to you.

Tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from its socket, typically using specialized dental instruments such as elevators and forceps. This procedure is done in a dental office and usually involves local anesthesia for your comfort. Extraction is generally considered a last option when dental restorations are no longer viable for preserving the tooth.

Why Are Teeth Extracted?

If a tooth has sustained damage beyond repair, options like fillings or crowns may no longer be viable solutions, necessitating immediate extraction. Overcrowding caused by extra teeth can disrupt a person’s bite and prevent other teeth from properly emerging. In such cases, selective tooth extraction may be needed to create space in the dental arch. Additionally, orthodontic treatments like braces or aligners might require the removal of some teeth to make room for proper alignment.

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