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TMJ Walnut Creek

TMJ Walnut Creek

If you’re struggling with jaw pain or unusual sounds in your jaw joint, you’re likely seeking a solution that offers lasting relief. At Dr. Julia Lee’s clinic, we specialize in treating TMJ-related issues through comprehensive care informed by advanced postgraduate training.

The majority of cases we see are often due to improper bite alignment, which we treat using straightforward, non-surgical methods that don’t require medication or complex treatment plans. Continue reading to deepen your understanding of your TMJ condition, and reach out to us for the effective relief you’ve been searching for.

What Is TMJ Treatment?

At Dr. Julia Lee’s clinic, we specialize in non-invasive TMJ treatments that focus on alleviating jaw pain caused by improper bite alignment. Utilizing advanced training, we offer straightforward solutions that eliminate the need for surgery or medication, aiming for long-term relief and improved jaw function.

We are happy to set up a consultation or answer any questions you have.

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