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The initial stage of treatment for periodontal disease is usually a thorough cleaning that may include Scaling and Root Planning. This process removes plaque and tartar deposits on the tooth and root surfaces. By doing so, Dr. Julia Lee aims to eliminate bacteria that cause gum inflammation, providing a clean environment to promote healing. This is an essential first step in treating gum disease and restoring your oral health. It’s not just a cleaning, but a crucial part of your overall wellness.

Post-treatment, patients often experience a significant reduction in symptoms like gum redness, bleeding, and discomfort. Dr. Julia Lee may also recommend special medicated mouthwashes or other treatments to aid the healing process. Regular follow-up appointments are crucial to monitor the improvement and decide if further treatments are necessary. Your commitment to a rigorous oral hygiene routine at home will also play a vital role in achieving long-term success.

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Dr. Julia Lee’s expertise extends beyond the initial treatment. Following the deep cleaning, she may suggest specialized medicated mouthwashes or other targeted therapies to further enhance the healing process. These measures ensure that your gums regain their vigor, reducing redness, bleeding, and discomfort.

It’s important to maintain a dedicated oral hygiene regimen at home, and regular follow-up appointments are essential for monitoring progress. Dr. Julia Lee will work closely with you to determine if any additional treatments are needed, ensuring your smile is on the path to lasting health and vibrancy.

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