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If you have lost several of your teeth, or all of them, Walnut Creek restorative dentist Dr. Julia Lee can create a comfortable denture to improve your smile and enable you to eat comfortably. At The Center For Dental Implants and Dentistry Walnut Creek Dentist Dr. Julia Lee understands the difficulties of missing teeth, and our restorative dental team works professionally and compassionately to bring back your confidence and ability to easily eat and smile. Our ultimate goal is the same as yours: to make you comfortable laughing, talking, and eating with your friends and family.

Technological has significantly improved the look and fit of dentures. Today’s dentures are comfortable, secure, natural-looking, and very attractive. Walnut Creek Restorative Dentist Julia Lee, D.D.S. is very experienced in Denture placement and invites you to explore how dentures can benefit your oral health and social confidence.

Dentures are one of several Restorative Dental Options to replace missing teeth. Walnut Creek Dentist Dr. Julia Lee is trained and experienced in placing Dental Bridges and Dental Implants, as well as dentures. During your consultation and restorative dentistry evaluation


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