FASTBRACES® Walnut Creek

Could your teeth be straighter in 100 days?

Dental braces or orthodontics with FASTBRACES® Technology addresses the treatment of malocclusions such as overbite or underbite with a non-extraction(no teeth pulling) treatment plan designed by the dentist provider. FASTBRACES® Technology braces come in metal and clear and work by uprighting or straightening the roots of the teeth from the beginning of treatment towards their tooth straight position.

FASTBRACES® is the registered trademark of advanced dental technology, which significantly reduces the treatment time involved in wearing braces to as short as 20 weeks. Walnut Creek Dentist Dr. Julia Lee  is a provider of this orthodontic treatment option to patients who have teeth alignment and/or teeth spacing issue, but may not want to wear regular braces.

What Makes FASTBRACES® Different?

Dentists authorized to provide the FastBraces technology are specially trained. To start the treatment, your dentist will first take radiographs or photographs of your teeth during the initial consultation. The images serve as reference points for the creation of your braces using new technology.

With traditional braces, the time needed to complete treatment, or when the teeth are evaluated to be satisfactorily aligned, may be long. This is because traditional braces follow a lengthy, time-dependent process. The first year is dedicated to moving the tooth crown. On the second year, it is the root of the tooth or teeth under treatment that are moved.

In contrast, FastBraces technology sees to it that the roots of the teeth start moving as soon as treatment begins. This considerably cuts down the waiting time until the tooth or teeth under treatment reach their corrected position in the oral cavity, down from years to only a few months or weeks. Once the treatment is suitably completed, the braces are taken off.

Your dentist will ask you to wear a retainer while sleeping, or while taking a 15-20 minute shower each day. The retainer will provide support to your moved teeth so that they don’t easily lose their place again while in the early stages of post-treatment.


There are many benefits to choosing this technology over regular braces. Among the major advantages are the following:

  • Your natural bite is preserved
  • Hardly any extraction is necessary, unlike with regular braces which could require the extraction of otherwise healthy teeth simply because they are in the way of straightening
  • Only one wire is used, unlike with regular braces which require the use of multiple wires that contribute to a feeling of unease and an unsightly visual appearance
  • Shorter treatment duration
  • Shorter time needed to wear retainers
  • Significantly less pain has been reported by patients while treatment is ongoing